The Red Apple Bakery and Fruit Stand

The Red Apple Bakery and Fruit Stand

Red Apple Ranch Bakery and Fruit Stand

There’s a little place with a big reputation right up the road. At any time of day your craving for something a little sweet can be satiated appropriately, whether an iced apple cider is just the ticket to whet your thirst on a sunny afternoon, or a piping-hot slice of Dutch apple pie sounds like the perfect warm-and-fuzzy on a chilly evening. Mmmmm… The Red Apple Bakery and Fruit Stand.

So let’s talk a little bit about the history of Red Apple Ranch. The 140 acres that comprise Red Apple Ranch has supported an impressive variety of apple trees whose fruit — including Arkansas Black, York Imperial, and Gravenstein apples (available in the fall) — is still being borne on 100-year old trees on about 15 acres. The ranch has been the historic homestead of the Darby family for over 100 years. Since the early 1900s, the Darby family has been running one of the state’s oldest roadside apple stands, The Red Apple Bakery and Fruit Stand. In the summer of 2009, the Bunch family stepped in to take over the reins of the bakery and fruit stand, carefully following the century-old recipes that have been attracting locals and travelers alike…

While the fruit stand — which has, over the years, expanded to quite a market with offerings of fresh vegetables, locally produced honey and nuts, even apple wood chips — is reason enough to stop in at the Red Apple, the bakery is every visitor’s guilty pleasure. You’d be hard-pressed to sort out a hands-down favorite with the regulars. The apple doughnuts are truly a signature item on the menu and there are folks who travel miles just to pick up their incredible Dutch apple pies. Of course, the menu doesn’t stop there — apple turnovers, fresh apple cider and classic pies like blackberry and apricot round out the offerings.

Because of its prominent location on the highway and regular hours, The Red Apple is an ideal stop for visitors to enjoy the tasty treats. Folks are even welcome to spread out a picnic blanket on the lawn and rest a bit.

Red Apple Ranch is a community of its own, now. The Darby family still maintains the apple ranch, the Bunch family continues to happily offer up pastries and produce, and new homes are being constructed to nestle beautifully and seamlessly into the incredible site, bringing with them new additions to the century-old Red Apple community.

WHAT: The Red Apple Bakery and Fruit Stand
WHERE: On Highway 4 between Murphys and Hathaway Pines

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