Red Apple Ranch’s Photovaltaic Systems & Net Metering

Red Apple Ranch’s Photovaltaic Systems & Net Metering

Photovaltaic Systems

An example of a roof-mounted photovaltaic array (image not an actual Red Apple Ranch system)

As part of their mission to build homes using green design and technology, Nova Designs + Builds have implemented photovoltaic electricity systems — complete with net metering — into the designs of each Red Apple Ranch home.

The word “photovoltaic” combines two terms: “photo” (meaning light) and “voltaic” (meaning voltage). As used in this technology, photovoltaic cells in solar panels to convert sunlight to electricity. The solar panels are linked in an array on the roof of the home and connected to the PG&E energy grid.

Net metering, sometimes referred to as net energy metering or reverse metering, is an electricity policy which allows utility customers to offset some or all of their energy use with self produced renewable energy. By utilizing a meter that is able to spin and record energy flow in both directions, an accurate reading of incoming and outgoing power can be made. The meter spins forward when a customer is drawing power from the utility grid (when a consumer is using more energy than they are producing) and spins backward when energy is being sent back to the grid (when a consumer’s renewable energy source — solar, in our example — is in surplus). At the end of a given month, the customer is billed only for the net energy used.

Aside from the incredible benefit of offsetting a home’s energy consumption with a renewable source, excess energy sent to the utility can be sold back at retail price. Usually any surplus energy is credited on the customer’s account toward the next billing cycle. If, at the end of the year, a surplus remains then the customer is paid for the difference.

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