Murphys Irish Day: Murphys’ Grandest Celebration

Murphys Irish Day: Murphys’ Grandest Celebration

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Pluck the brightest emerald-hued pieces from your wardrobes and ready yourselves, one of the Motherlode’s biggest events is but days away. Murphys Irish Day celebrate’s the town’s Celtic pride this St. Patrick’s Day on a grand scale as folks from all over Northern California (and beyond) gather in the streets of the celebrated Gold Rush town to take in the mellifluous drones of the bagpipes, the spectacular floats and costumes, the brilliant dancing and music, the horses and pony rides, fine foods and (of COURSE) incredible wines. Murphys’ beloved shops open their doors wide in an open invitation to take a peak at their offerings as booths line the streets displaying crafts by Calaveras artisans. It’s more than just a street fair. It’s a full on TOWN fair!

AND (now this is one nifty little cherry on top) there’s a raffle an IRISH HOLIDAY — a trip for two to Ireland!

For those who’ve visited Murphys before, Murphys Irish Day is the perfect excuse to visit the beloved Northern California town. For those who’ve yet experience the picturesque, historic and vibrant little town, this is one of the best introductions you could hope for.

The whole shebang kicks off with a pancake breakfast at 8:00 AM, with live entertainment starting at 10:00 AM and the parade beginning at 11:00 AM. Then the food, the beer and wine, the face painting and pony rides, the strolling entertainers and all-out good times to be had are all in full swing until the early evening! The local cafes, bars and restaurants are sure to satiate those revelers not quite ready to call it a night, making this one beautifully long day of FUN.

For more information:
Murphys Irish Days Official Website

WHAT: Murphys Irish Days
WHEN: Saturday, March 17, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
WHERE: Downtown Murphys, CA

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