Lake Tulloch: An Old-Fashioned Family Camp Out

Lake Tulloch: An Old-Fashioned Family Camp Out

While it may be the dead of winter now, our minds are tripping forward a bit to the summertime, longingly daydreaming of sun and swimming, BBQ dinners and cocktails on the pier. …It’s never too early to start planning your summertime excursions…

Whether the memories are fond or questionable, the fact remains that most of us have had the “old-fashioned family camp out” experience as kids as least once. The trouble with that experience — if there was one — was, well, we were kids! We weren’t in charge. Ah, but see, now we’re adults. We hold the reins. It’s time to give that old-fashioned family camp out another go.

As it turns out, there’s a place just an hour southwest of Murphys that can accommodate just that that. Lake Tulloch, surrounded by the Table Mountain range, has 55 miles of shoreline. From fishing to waterskiing, camping to boating, there’s an incredible amount of family-fun potential there.

South Lake Tulloch Campgrounds offer a couple of camping styles — the more primitive camping experience (dust off the tents and tin coffee pots), or the summer-camp cabin style. The cabins have two rooms per cabin, electricity, private docks and lakefront swimming. Take the kiddos out on the boat for some excitement in the morning, go out for a peaceful fishing excursion for the afternoon (rainbow trout and smallmouth bass abound there), take a breather on a nice hiking trail or just relax with the family at the waterfront. It’s your rules, this time.

Granted, all family outings have the potential to go the Griswold route, but even then you’ve something fun to talk about for years to come. Perhaps it’s time to gather the camping gear, the swimsuits, the fishing lures and s’mores fixin’s. This time, though, you’re the one packing the cooler — a little wine from one of the local Murphys wineries, a couple of fresh-baked baguettes from the local bakery, artisan cheeses and produce from the Farmers Market, some meats to grill. You get the drift.

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WHAT: Lake Tulloch
WHERE: 14448 Tulloch Road, Jamestown, CA

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