Green Planning

When the land was purchased from the Darbys, it had been slated for development as a subdivision. We realized this was a unique and special property and deserved to be developed in as sensitive a manner as possible. When planning the development of this community, extremely ambitious goals were set and as far as we are aware unique to residential development in the United States. Our goals were to preserve the natural beauty of the land, build a community of homes that would be oriented to green building principals, and in the process create and practice a more thoughtful approach to the development, design and construction of houses on this scale.

In implementing our goals, the first and most important commitment was to design each home separately, unlike most subdivisions or tract projects. Each home is a custom architectural design, unique to take advantage of its particular site, incorporating views, creating a sense of privacy and the ability to harness electricity and heating from solar technologies. Most homes will range in size from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. Each home will utilize water from the Calaveras County Water District and will have solar power while being connected to PG&E with net-metering.

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