Green Design + Building

The entire project is Energy Star rated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department. We have been awarded a 5-Start Energy Star rating, their highest. Our goal is to achieve a zero energy home rating on each individual house, site permitting.

Building a new home uses tremendous amounts of energy and resources. Key elements of green design and building have been incorporated into each home.

But, above and beyond green building technologies, each architecturally designed home has its own character, they are each unique and beautiful. The have great floor plans while utilizing quality materials and building practices and, moreover, are built to last a lifetime.

Currently we have been using integrated photovoltaic panels that are attached to the metal roofs. Although the systems are relatively small they have been extremely successful with the first 3 homes averaging zero electric bills though out the year.

  • Radiant heat (we are evaluating its efficiency, though it has been used)
  • Cool roof systems
  • Designs that allow extra insulation
  • Whole house fans
  • Low VOC interiors
  • High efficiency windows
  • On demand water heaters
  • Passive solar design due to house positioning for optimal site

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