Calaveras Arts Council – Championing the Arts

Calaveras Arts Council – Championing the Arts

Arts Council Music in the Park

The Calaveras Arts Council has had one goal since its inception in 1981: to support, awaken and nourish the arts in our community. And that’s just what they’ve done as they continue to champion the arts in all their forms throughout the year. From the Music in the Parks series in the summer to the Ovations series in the winter months, the Calaveras Arts Council has worked tirelessly to spotlight local artists and inspire young talent by presenting a multitude of events, performances and showcases.

The council’s Music in the Parks series features – among other genres – Rock-infused Samba, Celtic Folk, Cajun tunes, Blues, Ragtime and Western Swing as it moves from park to park throughout the county during the summer months. The Calaveras Gallery on 22 Main Street in San Andreas features themed showings of local artists which change every two months. Their most enduring – and, perhaps, most endearing – project is their Artists in the Schools Program. Established in 1981, the program has been providing workshops and performances by professional artists, musicians, storytellers, and more, to local public schools.

For more information visit the The Calaveras Arts Council Official Website.

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