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Murphys is nestled into the outskirts of the Sierra Foothills, surrounded by a rolling landscape of forest, glens, vineyards and streams. What better way to dig in deep and truly see the area for all its beauty than by hopping on a bike and taking it in bike-path by bike-path?

Local biker David Ritchie compiled this comprehensive list of Murphys area road bike trails and paths ranging from beginners rides to full-on day trips.

French Gulch Loop – 9 miles

Greenhorn Creek Loop – 20 miles

Parrots Ferry out and back – 18 miles

Dogtown-Calaveritas out and back – 28 miles

San Domingo Creek Loop – 20 miles

Fullen Road out and back – 17 miles

Mountain Ranch out and back – adds 10 miles to the Fullen Road out and back

Up Highway 4 to above Arnold out and back – 26 miles

Big Trees out and back – 18 miles

Up Highway 4 above Dorrington

Spicer Reservoir Road out and back – 18 miles

Bear Valley to Mosquito Lake out and back – 20 miles

Beyond Mosquito Lake

Bear Valley to Markleeville out and back – 72 miles

Glory Hole (Melones) Road out and back – 15 miles

Salt Springs Loop – 30 miles

Knights Ferry Loop – 34 miles

Willms Road out and back – 30 miles

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