Bacon Fest 11: A Celebration of Newsome-Harlow’s Eleventh Year!

Bacon Fest 11: A Celebration of Newsome-Harlow’s Eleventh Year!

Baconfest 11 at Newsome-Harlow

To honor their eleventh year in existence, Newsome-Harlow owners Scott and Melanie are celebrating in a way incredibly unique to them. Turns out, they both love a certain porky morsel of goodness. Oh yes, this year’s Newsome-Harlow birthday celebration has a theme and that theme is BACON! It’s “Bacon Fest 11” at the winery and they’re pulling out all the stops, from a bacon-centric menu at Melly’s Kitchen to a bacon-tastic cooking class lead by Chef Tony Hinojosa!

Curious what Melly has up her sleeves? Just take a look at these concoctions:

  • tempura bacon with sweet chili sauce
  • peanut butter bacon truffles
  • bacon wrapped dates stuffed with gorgonzola
  • bacon “pizza” with fresh mint
  • cotton candy covered bacon
  • chocolate covered bacon with sprinkles
  • bacon popcorn

Bacon Fest is free and open to all carnivores all day long on October 16 in the tasting room and, of course, Newsome-Harlow wine will be available to taste and purchase. As the pork-loving owners so fantastically put it, “eat, drink, visit your cardiologist”.

For more information and to sign up for the class:
Newsome-Harlow Winery’s BACON FEST 11

WHAT: Newsome-Harlow Winery’s BACON FEST 11
WHEN: October 16th, all day!
WHERE: Newsome-Harlow Winery, 403 Main Street, Murphys, CA

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